Take Care of Your Overgrowth Without Lifting a Finger

The Tree ARMY Co. offers tree trimming and pruning in the Bronx, NY area

You don't need to remove all of your overgrown trees in order to keep your property safe. Some just need a trim. If the overgrowth from your trees is spilling out onto your roof or in front of your windows, reach out to The Tree ARMY Co. today. We offer comprehensive tree trimming and pruning services in the Bronx, NY area. We'll cut back your overgrowth while still preserving your trees. This way, you don't have to remove a perfectly healthy tree from your yard.

Contact The Tree ARMY Co. to learn more about our tree pruning and trimming services. We serve all areas within a 50-mile radius of Bronx, NY.

3 ways The Tree ARMY Co. takes tree trimming to the next level

3 ways The Tree ARMY Co. takes tree trimming to the next level

When you reach out to The Tree ARMY Co. for tree trimming and pruning services, we'll never just show up and hack away at your overgrown limbs. Instead, we'll work hard to protect your property and preserve your tree's health at the same time. Here's how:

  1. We take the time to inspect your trees before we trim or prune them. This way, we know just the right places to cut.
  2. We remove enough to clear your roof or your view, but not enough to damage the health of the trees.
  3. We make sure we don't expose the trees to ailments or harmful insects.

To take advantage of our tree pruning and trimming services, call 646-887-2899 now. To keep your trees healthy, you should get them pruned every 10 years.

Want to shape your trees for a certain look? We'll bind them for you, too. Make an appointment today.