24/7 Emergency Service

Duration varies • $350+ Emergency fee, cost of job

Things happen, and sometimes things go bump in the night. Whether its fallen in a road, on a shed or God forbid your home or car we are here to help alleviate the stress of clearing the tree so you can focus on the important things, your family.

Leaf and Organic Material Removal

Duration varies • $350 pickup fee, $22 per yard+

Are you a do it yourselfer who just needs a helping hand disposing of your yard waste? Give us a call! With a fleet of vehicles we are happy to help! Prices by yard and type of material.

Pond Building and Design

Duration varies • Call for quote 646-887-2899

We are Koi lovers and years of keeping has given us a unique set of skills with urban koi keeping, pond design and building. Call us at 646-887-2899 and let us help make your space that Zen, calming place youve always dreamed of!

Land Clearing and Maintenance

Duration varies • Call for quote 646-887-2899

Is your property overgrown or are you missing the view you once had? Is the health of your landscape in jeopardy from overcrowding and lack of sun? Give us a call and speak to our experts!

Free Estimates, Consultations and Job Planning

Duration varies • FREE

Whether you are ready to begin your services or just planning your beatiful outdoor space, we are happy to help walk you through the process. Our experts will go over every aspect of your job from staging to cleanup accounting for structures & natural elements

Fresh Mulch

Duration varies • Free with Service

Have a downed limb or having a tree service done? Why not include fresh mulch, direct from your backyard? We chip on site and will happily give you your fresh mulch to use in your gardening! (let the crew know before they begin that you would like to keep)

Stump Removal

Duration varies • $350+

Stumps are the most challenging part of tree removal, but we love em! Each poses its own unique job and we have the tools to make quick work of it! Stimp pulling, stump grinding and stump cutting available.

Tree Trimming

Duration varies • $400+

One branch, two branch, three branch, four! ok ok you get the idea! Whether you are looking for a trim back to your property line or a specific shape we have the expertise and equipment to get it done quickly and efficiently.

Tree Removal

Duration varies • Call for Quote 646-887-2899

We love trees, but we understand that sometimes they must be removed. It is always our #1 priority and goal to remove your trees without damage or injury. We have expert climbers and equipment to take down trees of all sizes and species.

Emergency Roof & Storm Damage - Blue Tarp Services


Has your roof been affected by a fallen tree and storm damage? We will add blue tarp to your roof to secure the hole and protect from any further damage until a roofing company can repair your roof.


Add-on service

This is the process of removing and disposing unwanted vegetative matter such as stumps, roots, buried logs, and other debris. Get your yard and property spotless! Contact us for more information on additional pricing.