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Schedule tree trimming and tree removal or landscaping services in Bronx, NYC and surrounding areas today

To keep your trees healthy without letting them overrun your property, you need help from a reputable tree company. The Tree ARMY Co. has over 10 years of experience providing all kinds of tree services, including tree trimmming and cutting as well as full tree and stump removal in the Bronx, NYC and surrounding areas. Our ISA-certified tree specialists can take care of your trees without a problem.

Contact The Tree ARMY Co. today to learn more about our tree services and landscaping services. We serve all New York areas within a 50-mile radius of Bronx, NYC and surrounding areas. Call us to schedule your emergency tree services 646-887-2899.

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Cat stuck in a tree? - Call us today! Rescues starting at $395

How to choose the right tree company for you

Some troubling tree work practices have been going around and I wanted to take a moment to share a few things that are best practices when looking for and hiring a tree company:

We'll keep your trees healthy year-round

The Tree ARMY Co. is dedicated to providing superior tree services to clients in the Bronx, NYC and surrounding areas, but we don't stop there. In addition to attending development courses at the New York Botanical Gardens, all of our tree specialists are fully trained in traffic control and emergency medical services. This way, we can be there for you during any kind of emergency.

Our residential and commercial services include:

To ask about our tree cutting services, reach out to us today. We also partner with a local landscaping company. You can create a new outdoor living space in no time.

5 ways The Tree ARMY Co. gives back to the community

The Tree ARMY Co. is a local, veteran-owned and -operated business that takes pride in our roots and in the community that shaped us. We give back to the community by:

  1. Only hiring military veterans.
  2. Partnering with community gardens and the NYPD.
  3. Working with various nonprofit groups.
  4. Donating all of our salvaged hardwood to veterans, so they can heat their homes during the winter.
  5. Taking on difficult contracts, including FEMA contracts that allowed us to aid Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

To learn more about The Tree ARMY Co., call 646-887-2899 today. We're always happy to answer your questions or speak with you about giving back to the community.

We Serve All New York Areas Within a 50-Mile Radius of Bronx, NYC and surrounding areas

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